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Does Fred Goodman Deserve a £650,000 Per Year Pension?

Maybe, had Sir Fred Goodman retired two years ago when the price of Royal Bank of Scotland share was 705p and RBS was worth £65 billion, then a £650,00 year pension might have be understandable. At that point in time he had led the bank to a successful takeover of the National Westminster Bank and […]

March 2, 2009 | 0 Comments More

Barclays and RBS Share Prices Plunge

Barclays and RBS share prices fell by 25% and 17% respectively today; Barclays from £1.30 to £0.98 and RBS from £0.418 to £0.347. My wife indicated that the deeper plunge at Barclays was due to my departure from the group on Wednesday. She said that once the markets got hold of the news there was […]

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