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Bank Loan Scheme Is The Last Step Before Nationalisation?

Today the UK government launched their last attempt to unfreeze the credit markets with a three pronged bank loan scheme: Working Capital Scheme – cost £10bn – provides a 50% guarantee on £20 billion of short term loans to businesses with a turnover of less than £500m with banks having to register a portfolio of […]

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Lousiest Christmas Ever On Most UK High Streets

The British Retail Consortium’s recent survey revealed Christmas 2008 as the worst Christmas ever with a fall of 3.3% in like for like sales and 1.4% in total sales compared to 2007. See the full report. However, there were a few notes of encouragement in some sectors: internet sales were 30% up on last year […]

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Stock Markets Down 33% In 2008

Investors saw a third wiped off the value of their shares in 2008 in the USA, Europe and the UK and two thirds in China UK FTSE 100 – down 31% USA Dow Jones – down 34% France CAC 40 – down 43% Germany DAX – down 40% Japan Nikkei – down 42%  China Shanghai  SSE 180 […]

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