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Microsoft Limps In Behind Apple With Reduced Earnings

A day after the excellent quarterly results from Apple it was Microsoft’s turn. Although revenues were up 2% to $16.63 billion, net income was down 11% to $4.17 billion, which demonstrates a significant fall in profitability. This drives the need to reduce costs and has led to confirmation that 5000 jobs will be cut at […]

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Obama’s Faith In Technology Answered By Apple

Technology Is The Way Forward In the 44th president’s inauguration speech, Barack Obama talked the key role of science and technology in rebuilding the USA. “We will restore science to its rightful place and wield technology’s wonders to raise health care’s quality and lower its costs.” The Big Apple Bucking the trend of gloomy results, […]

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Intel Profits Down 90% As PC Manufacturers Run Down Inventory

Intel’s fourth quarter profits took a hammering as their quarterly net income fell 90% from $2.014 billion to $0.234 billion. The credit crunch had driven revenue down from $10.217 billion to $8.2 billion. Intel decided to get all the bad news over at once this quarter with a $0.95 billion write off on their WiMax […]

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